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All SEVEN DIRECTIONS cultural and sustainable tours featured on this web page are suitable for individuals or small to large groups.

These tours can be customized to suit the needs of the client.

SEVEN DIRECTIONS is available to design a wide variety of tours based on short or long itineraries. This includes on or off the beaten path.

Tours can also be all-inclusive or a per-day basis with accommodation only.

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A Journey through Contemporary Art| Go behind the scenes

The famous, Canyon Road
Land Art in New Mexico

Santa Fe is arguably New Mexico's most charming city. It certainly earns its designate as the City Different! The downtown neighborhood preserves its historic past as well as highlighting its contemporary look. Famous for its amazing and numerous art galleries, fine restaurants, and lodging, Santa Fe also boasts its antiquity as the oldest State capitol in America (400 years). It's also the second largest art market in the country and is home to the latest trends in contemporary art.

SEVEN DIRECTIONS customized tours goes behind the scenes by introducing our guests to celebrated artists famous for their distinctive artwork. It's claimed New Mexico's singular light and its atmosphere is what brings out the best of painters and photographers who make up a large majority of these artists. Jewelers, pottery makers, basket weavers, and world-class Navajo blankets attest to only some of these gifted and talented people. Santa Fe is also known for its colorful and decorative flair in Southwestern clothing design.

But our tours include other typical scenes throughout the city: performing arts (music and theater), photography studios, seven major museums, historic missions, one of which is the oldest in America, and one of the more avant garde art districts, the historic and now restored Railyard, with its now famous triple deck commuter train servicing Santa Fe to Albuquerque.

For groups over 10 people, SEVEN DIRECTIONS can organize special events, including unique dinners, going to performances and mingling with the performers after the show, and attending interesting lectures by well-known regional speakers.

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The Hispanic Heritage in Northern New Mexico | Traditional and contemporary culture

Church buttress

The deep-seated influence of Hispanic arts and craftsmen is best discovered by attending the annual Traditional Spanish Market in late July. The concomitant contemporary market features the Hispanic arts of today.

From celebrated and traditional food to museums and festive performances, New Mexico's best Hispanic creative talent expresses itself on the historic downtown Plaza.

This tour, even if you can’t attend the market, will take you to haciendas, Mission churches, villages and artists’ studios who keep the tradition alive and often speak the old Spanish language - which hasn’t changed since the first settlers moved to New Mexico in the 1600 – and introduce you to the oldest European settlement in the United States. History, art and culture blends and creates a sensory experience like no other.

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Christmas and New Year in the Land of Enchantment | With or without snow, it’s beautiful

Seven Directions Tours
Farolitos & Luminaria in Santa Fe

During the holiday season all the Pueblos hold special ceremonies and dances and most are open to the public. Usually winter dances are intended for a successful hunt, with prayers for abundant game for survival. These animal dancers depict bison, turtles, eagles or deer effigies. Other dances are reminiscent of Spanish traditions, or else prayers intended for a bountiful harvest. The dances also represent the public part of secret rituals held in the ceremonial chamber known as kivas.

The museums of Santa Fe, like Taos, offer unique exhibitions at this time of the year. There are also scores of concerts in churches and theaters. Christmas Eve is especially noteworthy, in that people can participate with the local establishment and join the long queue of strollers on the Canyon Road Walk. This adobe sector of the city features some of its most famous art galleries. Every shop is decorated with typical farolitos and festive people gather around bonfires to keep warm and sing traditional Christmas songs. If the Sangre de Christo Mountains overlooking the city are snow-capped, the atmosphere of Christmas is even more accentuated. 

The tour can continue for a few days in the warmer southern part of the state.

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Romantic New Mexico | Backcountry & charming country Inns

Seven Directions Tours

The acclaimed artist, Georgia O'Keeffe, and the equally acclaimed writer, D. H. Lawrence, are among the many people who came to New Mexico for a visit.

Inspired by northern New Mexico's enchantment, some of them ended up staying here. On this tour guests will stay at picturesque small inns and quaint bed and breakfasts' and spend more time visiting out of the way places perfect for a romantic atmosphere.


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Cowboy Life | New Mexico ranches

Seven Directions Tours
Horseback riding in the high mountains

Cattle ranches here are as expansive as the scenery is far-reaching and exhilarating. One of these settings is located in the southern part of the state. Here you will get to work and mingle with real cowboys. This means guests help out with ranch chores and get to ride horses and experience firsthand what it's like to be a cowboy.

The ranging topography features mountains and open range land, and to quote a line from a famous Western song, 'where the skies are not cloudy all day.' There are even bison grazing the land along with thousands of cows. After this ranch another similar setting farther north awaits you. Here you can choose to take a horseback ride in the high country, or fly fish along a gorgeous river, or enjoy a real cowboy cookout at the end of the day.



Seven Directions Tours

The tour wraps up in Santa Fe where the theme centers on the culture, the arts, and outstanding traditional or contemporary cuisine the city is famous for.

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Women’s World | For women seeking a vacation with a focus on pampering and without restraints!

Seven Directions Tours
 Desert flowers

Seven Directions Tours

This exceptional tour for women only is as unhurried as it is totally relaxing. It's intended for smaller groups of girlfriends, and for those who want to go somewhere different for a change. The pace is deliberately slow so that participants take the worry out of their usually busy lives and go see hauntingly beautiful places and enjoy a truly unique life experience that will create a vibrant new attitude and change in one's disposition. Horseback riding, getting to know local artists, and relishing time spent visiting relic monuments or stunning natural backdrops is part of what this tour entails. And of course, New Mexico, the true Land of Enchantment, will enchant and work its magic on you. It's also usually great weather and unrestricted sunshine averaging 325 days a year! Santa Fe, Abiquiú, and Taos describe only a part of the places this tour offers.

There will be plenty of time for shopping, for lazing about, for enjoying the art and culture and activities New Mexico is known for, and especially the excellent cuisine, both traditional and contemporary.

This is a singular trip not to be missed. Sit back and let SEVEN DIRECTIONS create your dreams and fantasies in, what has to be, the most easygoing of any tour ever offered.

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