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April-October  1 night  guided adventure
There is a place in central New Mexico where a high rock wall stands in the middle of vast and serene land. Nearby is a totally contrasting landscape called El Malpaís, or badlands, made up of petrified volcanic lava flows. "Pasaron por aquí" means they came through here. These words were carved by Juan de Oñate, who established the first North American Spanish colony beyond Mexico. Another 2,000 were left by Ancestral Puebloans, Spanish and American travelers for centuries.
On the top of the rock stands a group of rooms that once belonged to the important pueblo of Atsinnawhose inhabitants fled the site when the Spanish arrived in early 1600s, moving to nearby pueblos of Zuni and Acoma. These pueblos are populated today with descendants of these ancient people.
Not far from this site, there is a very unique sanctuary for wolves and wolf dogs. Here  abused and abandoned animals are provided a permanent and safe life.

A centuries old pueblo, Acoma or Sky City, sits on the top of a high mesa, with no electricity or running water. A very traditional village, it is renowned for its excellence in pottery making and its history of courage  fighting the Hispanic invaders. It is surrounded by awe-inspiring landscapes and mesas, the flat-topped New Mexican hills sculpted by winds and storms.                     


Pasaron por Aquí  

Our first adventure begins at Inscription Rock, in El Morro National Monument (the headland). The hike is about 2 ½ miles round trip to see the main attractions for travelers throughout history: a fresh-water spring! It was a much needed reward after traveling on horseback through sun struck desert. Along the high sandstone wall, you can read the messages, signatures and dates left by the different people who came here to rest and drink. Petroglyphs from a previous civilization are here as well.

The trail continues up to the top of the high rock where the ruins of Atsinna pueblo tell the story of these people.

Later, we will explore the Malpaís National Monument, an area where time has created an amazing jigsaw of rocks’ shapes. We trek down a section of the continental divide and walk over a lava bridge.

Lunch will be at a small local outpost for a home-cooked healthy meal.

Overnight at Sky City Hotel & Casino. After dinner, you can try your hand at gambling, an important source of revenues for the pueblo, and mingle with the locals.

The next morning, we will spend time with some great wolves! These animals have been rescued and are cared for by a loving and dedicated team who will tell you their stories and everything you want to know about wolves and wolf dogs.

A new adventure takes us through the magnificent landscape surrounding the Haaku, the old Pueblo of Acoma where you'll experience the imposing beauty of Enchanted Mesa, sacred to the people of Acoma. At the bottom of the mesa of Acoma, the Visitor Center has a small but very rich museum displaying the different styles of pottery of this village, both pre and post conquest, as well as contemporary. A great Cafeteria offers a delicious selection of food.

We then head to the top of the ancient mesa and walk through the old Haaku and visit the wonderful 17th century church with a local Acoma guide.



Price. Starting at $640 per person, in double room. Based on 2 person group. 
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Single supplement: $65.
Price includes: the expert for the whole trip; accommodation; 1breakfast; admission fees;                                                                       
Transportation with private driver can be provided upon request.        


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